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Tantric and Taoist Techniques of Making Love

It's a fact that most men have fairly limited sexual technique. Indeed, the common thrusting motion which most men employ during intercourse will only stimulate a small area of the woman's vagina.

This is where a new technique which we can literally call "screwing" comes into play. This is a movement of the hips that can truly pleasure both the man and his partner, and it literally involves a circular motion of the penis inside the vagina rather than backwards and forwards thrusting motion.

Now when you first try this, you're likely to find that the rotations of the pelvic area originate from your hips or the pelvic bone itself. However, what you're actually aiming for his rotation of the sacrum.

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You can identify the sacrum by putting one hand on your sacrum and one hand on your cube it go, and then trying to rotate in a spiral both clockwise and anticlockwise. You can also try tilting your penis upwards as you push the base of your sacrum forward and tilting your penis down as you push your sacrum backward.

Once you've identified the bones and movement necessary to spiral, you should be able to really screw. It's a very popular technique with most women, apparently; as indeed, are a variety of other movements which are rarely employed.

Indeed, Taoist philosophy describes in nine different kinds of thrusting, which is employed carefully can offer the woman a variety of depth, erection and speed of penile movement inside vagina. For example, you can hover outside the vagina and then thrust rapidly in; you can use deep thrusts and shallow strokes; you can rise and plunge suddenly and irregularly; and so on.

Now what about the vexed question of ejaculation control? The fact is, as you may have seen if you haven't watched some of the more enlightened erotica available on the Internet, that women often reach orgasm through hard and fast vaginal thrusting, and that this experience can be very intense and satisfying for them. The problem, of course, as you being a man will well know, is that deep and fast thrusting tends to make a man ejaculate very quickly.

Of course you can always pull out and use your fingers and tongue, but of course it's better for her and more pleasurable for you to be able to take a woman all the way to orgasm through penile thrusting. You certainly need a high level of ejaculation control: you also need to be able to monitor your increasing arousal rate. Picture from http://sensualblissvoyager (exploration of the Sacred & Conscious including sexuality)

Successful sex, successful lovemaking, requires the man start off with slow thrusts or spirals of his penis in her vagina, and move faster and faster as time goes on, incorporating a spontaneous series of changes in depth, speed and direction as he moves inside his partner. To ask the average man to maintain ejaculatory control whilst employing such techniques is a big ask, but there are techniques that you can use derived from Tantric sexual practices which should enable you to last longer.

The first of these is called the big draw. This is a technique in which you move energy up from the genital region along the spine, and circulate it around the body. You can imagine this as the energy that would normally shoot out from your penis, moving up your body instead.

You simply squeeze your PC muscles and then progressively pump the muscles of your buttocks to draw blood away from the genitals. This decreases your arousal, and at same time you draw the energy away from the genital area by imagining a series of nervous energy and sensations traveling up your spine into your brain.

This should remove the blood and energy from the genital muscles so they cannot involuntarily ejaculate. It's a powerful practice, and you need to ensure that you follow some safety tips: if you move sexual energy up towards the brain too rapidly, there can be problems in mental over activity, so you need to be able to bring it down again; the Kundalini energy needs to be under your control. It's also important to remember that the sexual energy that you circulate through your body using the big draw magnifies any emotions that you happen to be feeling.

The first step is to use the big muscles of the pelvic area to draw and pump the energy upwards. Eventually you can do this just by simply turning your attention to your head and drawing the energy up by means of mental intention alone. When you can do this, you'll feel an invigorating streak of energy rising up your spine.

But to begin with, you may need to practice for a while before you feel any effects from drawing the energy up. The big draw works on the same principle as a water pump, that is to say, by pumping your muscles you create pressure and suction to move the energy along your spine. You do it when you have a full erection, and also whilst you're aroused, but you must do it about a minute before you would otherwise ejaculate. Clearly, it's necessary to be able to judge when you are going to ejaculate fairly accurately!

When you feel you are about a minute away from ejaculation, stop stimulating yourself, and then after a moment's pause, contract your PC muscle and clamp your toes down on the floor. Inhale while squeezing your buttocks slightly, until your sexual energy moves toward your spine. Now contract the muscles from your anus up to your spine in waves, each time you do this taking a short inhalation.

You'll feel the energy eventually moving up your spine to your head: this is the completion of one big draw. The state of your erection measures how successful you've been at this technique -- because as the energy is drawn out of the genital area and up towards the head, your erection should decrease.

You repeat this nine times, using visualization to imagine the sexual energy rising up your brain. Don't leave it there! You can then allow the energy to flow down the front channel from your brain via your third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus and finally to your navel where you may wish to store it.