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Sexual Health & Manifestation

You might be surprised to hear that one way of manifesting change in the world around you is to use sexual energy.

This is a remarkable concept perhaps somewhat esoteric for the majority of people, but it's well proven and demonstrated as you can see from the following references: and

When you are using sexual energy to manifest anything in the world around you, what you need to do is focus on getting aroused and being able to transmit the sexual energy through your body this is the kind of exercise that Tantric adherents practice all the time.

Now it may be surprised you to learn that sexual energy can be controlled and passed round the body in a form that is dependent on your will, but that is the case.

woman using the intense energy of orgasm to manifest reality

If you search on the Internet, you're going to find plenty of websites which will offer you instruction and advice on how to do this.

But let's face it, why on earth would the universe ever produce what you want if you don't put any effort in to getting it?

The universe knows if you want your objectives enough to manifest it with the Law of Creation and the Law of Attraction.

If you're serious, read more here: your best chance of manifesting what you want can be found here. If you feel you need to read more about how manifestation works, check this out.

Nonetheless, the simple way of doing it is to imagine the sexual energy in a color that suits the base chakra usually red and to imagine a flow of red liquid energy through your body building up in intensity and force until you can eventually direct it out into the universe along with your goal and objective.

I must emphasize that this is a very simplistic description of the process, and you would be well advised to seek information about how to do it more accurately.

The reason I mention it here really is because it seems to me that it's possible to use sexual energy to manifest anything in the world.

More accurately, you can power the process of manifestation in the world with sexual energy. And you can control and regulate and hopefully get rid of sexual dysfunctions too. These include premature and delayed ejaculation.

This is a very esoteric idea indeed, and I accept that many of you reading this will not be able or willing to accept it, but I think is worthy of consideration for those of you with an open mind.

We all know that sexual problems originate partly in the mind and partly in the body it's only matter of interpretation as to which of these causes is more significant.

 In some cases it's quite clear to me that sexual energy can be a driving force for change for example, consider premature ejaculation based on unexpressed anger and resentment.

The truth of the matter is that when premature ejaculation is due to emotional baggage such as this, what's needed is a reprogramming of the subconscious mind which holds the "faulty program" which causes you to ejaculate too quickly.

It follows that some kind of energetic input is necessary for reprogramming the subconscious mind in self-improvement seminars this usually comes from dancing and singing with a high level of energy!

In the field of sexual self-improvement, I don't see any reason at all why the energy for reprogramming of the subconscious can't come from sexual energy itself.

The way I see this process working would be for an individual suffering from premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or low libido, or delayed ejaculation, to imagine the sexual energy building up in a circuit around the body, by getting themselves aroused and then focusing on the flow of sexual energy until it had reached a point well before ejaculation but still of considerable power.

Then, using this energy associated with the visualization of successful lovemaking, the man would visualize in great detail every aspect of what he regarded as sexual success with his partner.

Here's Teal Swan's video on the subject

If you want to use the power of orgasm to manifest a change in your circumstances, you should do a bit of research on the Internet for yourself and find a way of energizing yourself sexually and then harnessing that sexual energy to reprogram your subconscious in a way that seems appropriate for you.

Is it a radical idea to think this might be a way of curing delayed ejaculation?

Yes of course it's a radical idea, but surely it's worth trying after all, the conventional medications for premature ejaculation are SSRI antidepressants which are pretty powerful medication to use for a sexual problem.

In the case of delayed ejaculation, as far as I know this is a condition for which there are no medications available on prescription - and if there were I wouldn't use them anyway because delayed ejaculation originates in the mind, not the body (except in very rare cases of neuropathy and some other medical conditions).

Teal Swan is a good author on the subject and she has some very useful material on her website about this, but if you search you will find other people who also have methods which differ from hers but seem equally effective.

I've no doubt that one of the things that is necessary for success in this field is absolutely clear intention and commitment to your goal, otherwise I very much doubt that this process would work but even so, it's well worth trying.